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Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Awakening to Impermanence

Tzu Chi volunteers from around the world celebrate Buddha's Day, Mother's Day and Tzu Chi Day on the second Sunday of May each year. However, due to the worsening of COVID-19 pandemic, the circuit breaker measure has been extended to 1 June, hence the Buddha Day celebration for this year has to be cancelled. Despite the absence of a physical Buddha Bathing ceremony, volunteers will still pay respect to Buddha online. Amid this pandemic, may all take it as a great lesson worthy of self-reflection and pray to Buddha with a sincere heart.

The second week of May is the time of the year when Tzu Chi volunteers celebrate Buddha Day, Mother’s Day and Tzu Chi Day. On this day, each Tzu Chi branch will hold a Buddha Bathing ceremony to celebrate the 3-in-1 Buddha Day. How did Tzu Chi Singapore celebrate its Buddha Day in the past? Let's recall together.

2002 Buddha Bathing ceremony at Tzu Chi’s previous address in Chinatown
2006 First Buddha Day celebration at Jing Si Hall in Pasir Ris
2007 Celebrating Buddha Day using the lucite Buddha statue for the first time
2011 Buddha Day celebration in Yio Chu Kang Stadium
2012 Interfaith celebration of Buddha Day

Tzu Chi volunteer, Kerk Chu Meng
This 3-in-1 Buddha Bathing ceremony is a good opportunity for people to come together to gather their kind thoughts and pray. If you are mindful enough, you will notice that each Buddha Day celebration conveys a different message.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chong Kam Ngo
I have participated in Tzu Chi Singapore’s Buddha Day celebration for 16 years. The ceremony was often conducted under the scorching sun which made us very hot and exhausted, somehow, I still look forward to this day.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ng Hock Soon
The ceremony looked almost the same each year, but there were still some minor adjustments each year. No matter what, it still attracted a few thousand participants each time.

Because of COVID-19, Singapore is still having the circuit breaker measures enforced in May, therefore, the Buddha Day celebration this year cannot be held as planned. Such impermanence is deeply felt by all the volunteers.
Tzu Chi volunteer, Goh Lam Kia
Although feeling a bit down initially, I soon changed my thought. We can still pay respect to Buddha online. We can’t celebrate Wesak Day like before this year. So, when it is held, we should cherish the opportunity even more, let (the Buddha Bathing ceremony) be more influential.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Ng Hock Soon
A lot of things are not to be taken for granted, when things return to normal, we will appreciate the Buddha Bathing ceremony more.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Kerk Chu Meng
I deeply realized the necessity to be mindful of impermanence during ordinary days. This pandemic has taught everyone a valuable lesson. Human beings must reflect on their infinite desire, especially the desire for eating all kinds of meat.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chong Kam Ngo
Have we committed countless mistakes in the past? Have we eaten too much meat? May everyone pray piously, adopt a vegetarian diet and repent sincerely.

In this historical event worthy of self-reflection, may everyone start to repent and be grateful to mother earth. Even without a physical Buddha Bathing ceremony, we can still take part in the ceremony online to express our gratitude to Buddha, our parents and all living beings.


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