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Senior volunteers overcome their fear of digital technology

Tzu Chi Singapore has put their training courses online. Volunteers can take start learning online with just a click. However, conducting sharing sessions online are not only new but challenging to the team facilitators. However, these senior volunteers are brave enough to take on the responsibility and overcome the obstacles. Their effort has enabled team members to communicate with each other smoothly on the day of the training.

During the pandemic, all volunteer training courses are put online to prevent clustering of people which could increase the risk of infection. All the volunteers need is a WIFI network, a mobile phone or a computer to attend the course online.

Volunteer: People with physical discomfort can adjust their meditation cushion to have the elevated part in front.

On the day of the training, more than 300 volunteers have attended the course at different locations. How did the team leaders conduct the sharing session when people cannot meet each other?

Tzu Chi volunteer, Luar Siok Hong :
We watched the videos on Youtube and do the sharing through Whatsapp. We managed to answer all the questions asked by our team leader and that relieved her a lot.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Loke Soon Heng:
Because I have not been using computer for a long time, that is why I am worried and not very confident.

Volunteer:Connect the HDMI to the television and press “play”.

Volunteer:Luckily my son is around today, without him I wouldn’t know how to operate all these.

Senior volunteers are less familiar with digital communication gadgets. Luar Siok Hong who courageously took up the duty as a team leader has 31 chat groups in her phone. She always follows up with the messages and becomes the back up for all the facilitators.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Luar Siok Hong :
Just ask us if you are facing any problem, we will respond to you instantly, this is a great relief for the facilitators too. We do not know how long this pandemic will last, so together we learn how to operate these new technologies. I am an elderly person, if I could master them, I am sure it won’t be a problem for others.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Loke Soon Heng :
(At the beginning) I was worried if there would be any mistakes, and I didn’t know how to interact with them, but today I am able to handle it naturally, although we are not physically together, we are able to connect very well.

Volunteer: Sister, please speak, I would like to listen to your voice.

Volunteer:We are blessed to be able to join such a great charitable establishment, all thanks to the will and effort of our seniors in the past.

Volunteers are bold enough to commit and overcome all barriers. The disease may have kept everyone at home, but it cannot stop their determination to learn the dharma. Despite each other’s absence, people can still connect through the phone.

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