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Volunteer training goes online

As the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise, Tzu Chi Singapore has postponed or cancelled its activities since February 2020 to avoid clustering of people. However, routine training for volunteers must still be carried out, for that, Tzu Chi has arranged for the training to be conducted online to allow volunteers to attend the training at home. Although the change in the mode of training comes with various technical issues that must be resolved and training content that has to be rearranged, the training team volunteers have managed to overcome all the problems and make the first online training a success.

Tzu Chi volunteer
I am very scared right now, what if there’s any mistake, the links they (volunteers) received previously would be wrong. We are still in time if we send them the correct link now.

At critical times like this, people clustering together may increase the risk of infection. Tzu Chi has cancelled its routine activities beginning February this year and has since taken strict precautionary measures to prevent the disease from spreading. Despite so, volunteers are still very vigorous in learning. With the help of technology, training courses that were usually conducted at Jing Si Hall are now put online.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Lim Chwee Lian :
When most people are in fear, it is crucial to be able to calm them down. The foundation has provided us with a very complete report and clear direction today. With such clear understanding, we are not supposed to be sitting and waiting, instead, we should be going out to care for others.

Tzu Chi volunteer:
Brother’s necktie needs to be straightened a little
This is the first time (we are recording this down)

To put everything online, volunteers not only have to make arrangement for the course, they need to overcome a variety of technical issues including video recording and other coordinating work.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Hsu Tun Ying :
We are conducting the training live online, whereas content for the new volunteer training, grey uniform & attachment volunteer training and English volunteer training in the afternoon will be pre-recorded. We have engaged more than 10 lecturers to record a lot of content for the courses during the weekend half a month ago. Thanks to the production team too, they have done a lot of (preparation) work to make this happen today.

On the day of the training, some volunteers have attended the training in small groups while some have attended the training online at home. Despite such a change, their sincere piety remains unchanged.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Hsu Tun Ying :
We all hope to release the video online at a scheduled time, because we do not want everyone to attend the courses online in the middle of the night or lie on the couch to attend the course at 4 in the afternoon, because it wouldn’t be solemn that way. During a pandemic outbreak, I believe that we ought to be firmer in our thoughts.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Sharen Pang :
I really hope this is just a temporary arrangement, I pray for the pandemic to be over soon so that everyone could meet up and feel the warmth being together.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Chua Hwee Pheng :
At unusual times like this, we can only look after ourselves using the dharma, by taking full precautionary measures,we don’t let it control our life. We should continue to live normally.

Technology may bring convenience, but it can never substitute the spiritual vibration that is present when everyone comes together. May the pandemic bring awakening to people, and may all remain sincerely pious to pray for the pandemic to be over soon.


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