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Social enterprises thank frontline healthcare workers the gastronomic way

Healthcare workers are on their toes fighting the virus to safeguard the health of the public amid the novel coronavirus outbreak. Despite the heightened risk of infection and increase in workload, they have remained in their position. Just like most people, this group of unsung heroes needs to be motivated by the public. In view of that, Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Centre has partnered with Realfood (a vegetarian restaurant) to provide a long-term 15% discount to healthcare workers who are working nearby. On the other hand, FutsalArena@Yishun has also launched a one-month special rebate beginning 14 February, where diners can get a further $5 discount off their bill. Such initiative from the community has not only made the healthcare workers feel warm at heart but also encourages more people to go for vegetarian food.

The lunch break is a time for workers to take some time off their duty to recharge themselves.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is crucial that the frontline healthcare workers eat well. At Realfood at Tzu Chi Humanistic Youth Center, discounts are provided for staff working in nearby hospitals and clinics. One of the social enterprises in Nee Soon GRC has launched a $5 rebate to lift everybody’s spirit up.

Deputy General Manager of Futsal Arena@Yishun, Syed Alkhairid:
This is a time which we should all stick together, and help one another. We hope to make a difference and to make the healthcare workers feel appreciated and better recharged to return to the frontline to fight the disease.

Healthcare worker, Han Hui Fen:
I feel warm at heart and feel taken care of, (they have provided us with) something to look forward to at busy times like this.

Healthcare worker, Jeya Periasamy:
We appreciate it, because there is a lot of love and care from the public. I have been a vegetarian since young, and I think it is very healthy. With this, it will motivate more people to become vegetarian.

Founder of Realfood, Choi Jee Yang:
What matters is the value for money, besides vegetarian food, we also promote health food. The most important thing is to have a strong immune system.

Manager of Realfood, Cherry:
We can’t do what the nurses are doing, what we can do is make use of our profession to let our customers eat healthily, so that they are better recharged to keep looking after the patients. I think that is very good.

Healthcare worker, Jeya Periasamy:
I love the environment inside the restaurant because of the view, it is totally different from the hospital environment, it is calm and relaxing, it makes a lot of difference, and I feel refreshed after returning to the hospital.

The cash voucher is more than just a token of appreciation, it is an initiative to encourage more people to go vegetarian. Each vegetarian meal taken is an act of love for the environment. With love in our hearts, we will get through the outbreak together.

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