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Tzu Chi sets up an epidemic relief committee to ward off COVID-19

The Disease Outbreak Response System Condition (DORSCON) was raised to orange on 7 February 2020, which is just one level below the highest red alert level. In response to the heightened alert, Tzu Chi Singapore has set up an epidemic relief committee to explore and implement preventive measures, launch programs that meet with the current needs in stages and spread kind messages to calm the public. During this period, Tzu Chi Singapore also adheres to the precautionary measures laid out by the government by taking body temperature of staff and volunteers twice a day at every Tzu Chi establishments, requesting staff and volunteers to declare their travel history and physical condition as well as cancelling events to avoid cluster activities. At the same time, caring messages and blessing bags are sent to our volunteers and staff to keep them warm at heart.

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread. As the DORSCON alert level is raised to orange, which is only one level below the highest red alert level, precautionary measures are stepped up nationwide to prevent the virus from spreading.

What is our objective? To calm people down.

Tzu Chi Singapore has set up an epidemic relief committee made up of the executive team and department heads to explore and implement preventive measures while promoting acts and thoughts of kindness.

Deputy General Manager of Tzu Chi Singapore, Boh Shu Hui
We have cancelled some of the activities because we notice the anxiety and worries of the public. We hope to gather everyone to spread their kind thoughts and pray with sincere piety. We hope to encourage more people to adopt a vegetarian diet too. Should there be any needs, the public can reach out to Tzu Chi so that we can respond to their needs and assist them.

Complying with every procedure set out by the government not only reduces risk, but an act of love too. Tzu Chi relies heavily on volunteers on most of its daily operations. In order to allow everyone to volunteer safely and with a peace of mind, adjustments have been made on the duty roster.

Team Leader-volunteer management, Liew Chek Yin
In the past, some volunteers may be volunteering at the clinic in the morning and returning to Jing Si Hall for duty in the afternoon. Volunteers are now arranged to carry out their duty at only one place to prevent cross infection. During this process, we should use wisdom to ward off the outbreak, those who needs to be isolated should be isolated, while those who need our care has to be looked after too, there is still warmth between us.

Besides taking preventive measures, it is also important to pray. Every afternoon, staff and volunteers from various Tzu Chi establishments island wide come together to pray for the outbreak to end soon and for everyone to be safe and happy.

Tzu Chi volunteer, Eddie Lee
Just do our part, don’t be affected by fear
Tzu Chi volunteer, Siah Chooi Lan
I pray for all these to end soon, let’s cheer each other up and stay strong


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