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Organisation | Tzu Chi Merit Organization (Singapore)

Loving Hearts Gather at Tzu Chi’s Festive Bazaar

The Lunar New Year is coming in two weeks’ time and Tzu Chi Singapore is holding its annual Festive Charity Fair at this time. The fair has different zones for festive goods, vegetarian food and activities, allowing people to support charity while shopping for festive goods and enjoying delicious vegetarian food. Let's take a look at what goes on at the bazaar.

It is hard to find plastic bags and single-use cutleries at MPC@Khatib, the Charity Fair’s venue, thanks to the many years of environmental efforts by our volunteers.

Member of the public, Goh Sung Ngoo:
I’ve brought my own shopping bag. (Why?)
We want to protect the environment.

Member of the public, Young Cong Seong
(What would you do if you forgot?)
I won’t forget as I want to eat (the food).

Member of the public, Huang Yun Ting
We have these containers at home, so we brought them along, and it has become a habit. Each time we come to a charity fair like this, we’ll bring our own bags and containers.

Sponsor, Jocelyn Ng
We’ve launched this product, which is a nutritious bar made of soy pulp. The pulp is usually thrown away, but we “recycle it” and turn it into nutritious food.

Some sponsors of the charity fair have incorporated environmental concepts into their products.

Sponsor, Maxin Kang
Previously, I’d give myself a lot of excuses, thinking that I was too busy to come (and help out), and that it’d be very hot at the venue. So I didn’t dare to come and kept rejecting (Tzu Chi’s) invitation. Three years ago, I was touched (by Tzu Chi), and now, I don't need anyone to invite me. I found a way to participate in the event myself.

There is no age limit for charity. Students from Tzu Chi’s childcare centre, Parent-Child Bonding Class, Teenagers’ Class and Youth Assoc. contribute their efforts, too.

The purpose behind selling the items is very important. The teachers have taught them that it’s for helping people. Having such a mindset is more meaningful.

The fair is made possible by many kindhearted people, who have also formed positive connections with others.

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