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First Recycling Point under NWCDC’s 10-year Eco Plan Up and Running

In October last year, Tzu Chi Singapore was invited by the North West Community Development Council (NWCDC) to participate in its 10-year Eco Plan, part of which was to establish 45 recycling points in the constituency within three years. The first recycling point under the collaboration – also the third Tzu Chi recycling point in the north – was officially launched at Fajar Road on 12 February 2012.

Photo by Douglas Lee

The North 3 Zone Tzu Chi volunteers had been cooperating very closely with Mr David Lee, the project manager for NWCDC, Mr Richard Yeo, the vice chairman of Bukit Panjang Zone ‘10’ Residents’ Committee (RC), committee member Jane Wong, and other grassroots members for the establishment of the recycling point. The RC was kind enough to suggest the current space near the RC office for the convenience of logistics and setting up of the facility.

“The grassroots organization has been very supportive of our establishment of this recycling point,” asserted Ong Wee Heng, the volunteer leader of Tzu Chi’s North Zone recycling activities.

This new community recycling point at the void deck of Block 441 Fajar Road is situated at a very strategic location with huge crowds on Sundays as it is not only near to the LRT station but also a wet market and a hawker centre.

On the evening of 8 February, Tzu Chi volunteers and several grassroots members conducted a door-to-door publicity to encourage residents to join the monthly recycling exercise. They visited a total of three HDB blocks, or 274 families in the vicinity of the new Fajar recycling point that night. Impressed by the volunteers’ sincere and courteous manner and their systematic ways in carrying out tasks, the grassroots members expressed their wish to continue working and learning with our volunteers.

At last, on 12 February, Tzu Chi’s third community recycling point in northern Singapore officially began operation!

Almost all members of Bukit Panjang Zone ‘10’ RC was present at the recycling point. Mr Yeo, the RC’s vice chairman, even led 15 cadre members to go around the nearby blocks to collect recyclables from residents’ doorsteps whilst spreading recycling awareness.

At the recycling point, Ms Teo Oi Kuan, the admin assistant of the RC, was busy greeting the residents who come forward to send in their recyclables. There were smiles on everyone’s face and the ambience was warm and friendly.

The volunteers also set up different sections for the sorting of different recyclables, explaining proper recycling methods and promoting environmental awareness to residents who came by. With the encouragement of the volunteers, some helping residents even stepped forward to take up leadership roles for the sorting sections.

During the launching ceremony of NWCDC’s ‘Recycle @ North West’ programme on 29 October last year, mayor Dr Teo Ho Pin had encouraged the heartland’s residents to take environmental protection as their responsibility and to participate actively in sorting recyclables from domestic trash to create a clean and beautiful living environment. On this meaningful day, Dr Teo purposely dropped by the recycling point to give encouragement to the 60 over residents and volunteers present.

Curbing excessive consumerism, ceasing the exploitation of natural resources and treasuring them is indeed the responsibility of every global citizen. With its dense population, Singapore is an ideal place for promoting communal recycling. Along the years, Tzu Chi Singapore has set up a total of 21 community recycling points as of February 2012. Two recycling points at Bukit Panjang and Choa Chu Kang were set up by our North 3 Zone volunteers and they are moving towards the target of setting up a community recycling points in each Tzu Chi sub zone.

We believe with the strong support from the grassroots organizations and National Environment Agency, we will be able to increase the public’s awareness and encourage our fellow citizens to start incorporating the concept of recycling and environmental protection into their everyday routine.

Mayor of the North West District, Dr Teo Ho Pin, purposely dropped by the recycling point to cheer on the 60 over residents and volunteers present. (Photo by Douglas Lee)

Tzu Chi volunteers and grassroots members visiting the Fajar Road residents on 8 February evening to promote the monthly recycling activity and invite them to participate in it. (Photo by Douglas Lee)

Vice chairman of Bukit Panjang Zone ‘10’ RC Mr Richard Yeo (left) led his cadres to go around the nearby blocks to collect recyclables from the residents. (Photo by Douglas Lee)

Our volunteers had also set up an eco-enzyme booth to demonstrate the making of eco-enzyme by the use of fruit peels and vegetables that normally were thrown away. (Photo by Douglas Lee)

On the first recycling activity at the Fajar community recycling point, residents actively took part in sorting the recyclables, taking environmental protection as their personal responsibility. (Photo by Douglas Lee)

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