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A Beautiful Journey with Tzu Chi

What I am about to share is a beautiful journey that I have with Tzu Chi, which I would like more people to know about.

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I became a Tzu Chi care beneficiary in my first year as a polytechnic student. Through the referral of my Polytechnic lecturer, I applied for Tzu Chi’s assistance to support me financially so that I could concentrate on my study instead of working on many ad hoc jobs to support myself.

I used to feel sleepy in class the next morning when I had to work night shift the day before, and that had affected my studies. After Tzu Chi volunteers walked into my life, things changed! I was able to spend longer time at home studying than working! I also became more attentive in class compared to before.

Tzu Chi volunteers who visited me and my family have also became our good friends, especially to my parents who had been sick for some time. The volunteers would motivate us during each visit, and my family and I would look forward to meeting them every month. We have also attended Tzu Chi events when we were invited.

During the course of receiving Tzu Chi’s assistance, my mother was suddenly diagnosed with a tumor which might be cancerous. My family and I were greatly impacted by the news and we were helpless and lost when we first found out about it. Fortunately, we met a doctor at Tan Tock Seng Hospital who happened to be a Tzu Chi volunteer. He assured my mother and my family that the tumor could be removed completely, even though the previous doctor who treated my mother was highly skeptical and not confident as my mother’s case seemed complicated. We placed our trust in the doctor from Tan Tock Seng Hospital and our prayers were answered. The doctor had successfully removed the tumor and my mother recovered within a day!

Besides, Tzu Chi had even arranged for my mother to visit Tzu Chi dental free clinic where my mother received full dentures for free! My mother hardly smiles in the past because she was conscious of her dental appearance, however after the amazing denture I see my mother having a beautiful smile in every picture she takes!

Not only that, Tzu Chi has a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic which I would go occasionally to seek treatment for sports injury. All the medical assistance we received from Tzu Chi has helped us save a lot on medical bills.

Tzu Chi has not only helped me but my whole family! We are so happy to be receiving such amazing aid physically and emotionally that we are inspired to volunteer with Tzu Chi to serve the community with a big heart!

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The bamboo coin bank given to us by Tzu Chi volunteers which is meant for us to donate to others in need has helped create a saving habit for my family, not only have we learnt to save for ourselves, we are also saving for the community.

Besides tossing coins into the bamboo coin bank, I would also try my best to participate in Tzu Chi’s recycling activity! However, due to my part time job which are scheduled during the weekend, I could only participate in the monthly recycling activity once awhile. From the environmental protection activity, I learnt the many benefits for adhering to the 3 R’s (namely Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). It’s been an amazing journey with them and it would continue to be so!

I now realized that I may not be in the worst situation as there are others who need help more than I do! Thank you Tzu Chi for teaching us so many fruitful lessons and also helped us beyond your call of duty! I am so happy to be one of Tzu Chi beneficiaries and a Tzu Chi volunteer now!

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