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Pandemic relief effort intensified as Gold Coast enters winter season

Tzu Chi volunteers from Gold Coast, Australia amplify support for the local community amid COVID-19.

20200527 TCGoldCoast1
Tzu Chi volunteers travelled 140 km from Gold Coast to provide moral support and financial assistance to Roy Cockin and that caring gesture has moved him to tears. (Photo by Tzu Chi volunteer)

Lowering his head to wipe his tears, Tzu Chi care recipient Roy Cockin held the relief cash from Tzu Chi tightly while holding a pandemic relief care pack that contained essential items. Roy is a dyslexic person who relies on government aid to support his wife and son who have not acquired a residential status. Life has been hard on him. Knowing the difficulty Roy is in, Tzu Chi volunteers travelled 140 km from Gold Coast to give him moral support and financial assistance, moving Roy to tears. 

Advocating vegetarianism to fight COVID-19

Tzu Chi volunteers from Gold Coast, Australia have been providing support to the local community since the outbreak of COVID-19. Apart from donating medical supplies to front liners, volunteers are also advocating vegetarianism to inspire compassion and to overcome the pandemic.

To encourage vegetarianism, Tzu Chi has co-operated with Chi Ran Vegetarian Bar to launch a vegetarian meal promotion beginning 7th of April, that initiative had resulted in the sale of 400 meal sets within 10 days. Apart from that, Tzu Chi has also started delivering vegetarian food to the homeless every Thursday starting 16th of April. A week later, the effort was joined by volunteers from the organizer “Hope Starts Here”. Hence, Tzu Chi volunteers prepared another 8 meal sets for these volunteers every day.

20200527 TCGoldCoast2
High School principal, Simon is glad to receive 500 medical face masks donated by Tzu Chi. (Photo by Tzu Chi volunteers)

Filled with sincerity and gratitude

It was almost winter. On 18th of May, volunteers went to Queensland Fire station to donate a second fire truck, 500 medical face masks and eco scarves to keep the firemen warm.

Volunteers spread love from Taiwan by giving away these essential items in foreign countries. When volunteers donated 5000 medical face masks to Upper Mt police station, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Brisbane, Bruce Hung attended the ceremony and thanked the volunteers by giving them certificates of appreciation. Queensland Taiwan Centre (QTC) had also published this event in QTC community newspaper to compliment Tzu Chi.

Besides donating essential items to the policemen and firemen, Tzu Chi had also delivered 500 medical face masks to a high school. On behalf of the teachers and students, the principal of the high school, Simon made some donation to Tzu Chi to support the foundation’s COVID-19 relief work.

From healthcare frontline to community, from organisations to dark corners of society, the love and care of Tzu Chi volunteers will always reach those who need them. 

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