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Zimbabwe Volunteers Deliver Aid to the Impoverished in Local Communities

Cooking oil and soap are necessities that many needy locals in Zimbabwe are short of and thus, they greatly treasure these simple items. In September 2019, Tzu Chi volunteers in Zimbabwe distributed aid supplies, including household items to needy families in local communities.

20190930 1Needy local villagers in Zimbabwe are happy and thankful to receive aid supplies from Tzu Chi.

Volunteers thank aid recipients with 90-degree bows

There are many impoverished people in Zimbabwe’s Domboshava, and the majority of them eke out a meagre living by selling farm produce and hot food in a market. After learning about their needs, Tzu Chi volunteers there held an aid distribution at a local primary school to help relieve their poverty.

As the volunteers personally handed out the aid items, including rice, to the villagers, they bowed low to thank the latter for giving them an opportunity to give. Many of the villagers are elderly folks who live with their grandchildren that have lost their parents. Due to poverty, these children do not have an opportunity to attend school.

When the villagers received the aid supplies from the volunteers, they broke into happy smiles, carrying the sacks of rice they had received on their heads. And many of them sang and clapped their hands to show their joy and appreciation.

20190930 2.docxA volunteer respectfully giving some aid materials to a villager.

Locals receive timely aid and are inspired to give of themselves

It was 29th September 2019. The Mashonaland Central Province is about 70km away from Zimbabwe’s capital city, Harare, and Glendale is a town within the province. Many residents sell their farm produce there, but with their meagre livelihood, they are often unable to make ends meet.

When the Tzu Chi volunteers from Harare arrived at the aid distribution venue, the place quickly took on a joyful atmosphere filled with happy singing voices from the local residents. Unable to contain their joy, the volunteers in Glendale went forward to give their Tzu Chi brothers and sisters from Harare big hugs.

20190930 3.docx
After Tzu Chi volunteer Stabio personally conducted home visits in Glendale, the needy families were able to receive aid supplies.

Stabio is Tzu Chi’s person-in-charge in Glendale. To ensure fairness in the delivery of aid supplies and facilitate the aid distribution event, he meticulously assessed each of the households on the list of aid recipients. The list was compiled after much discussion with several civil groups, including a society for the handicapped.

Stabio was undaunted by the hard work involved. He went to each of the impoverished household on foot and had to travel for some 10km at times, not wanting to leave out any needy household in the community.

Prior to the aid distribution event, Tzu Chi volunteers took the opportunity to share with the residents about Tzu Chi’s Missions and philosophy, as well as their own life stories and experiences, encouraging everyone to join them in the spirit of Great Love.

Among the volunteers was Tambudzai, who spoke of how her husband left her after she gave birth to a physically challenged child. Fortunately, Tzu Chi volunteers came to give her support and assistance, helping her to pull through the difficult times and inspiring her to serve as a volunteer, too.

There was also a teenager who shared that he suffered a stroke at the young age of eleven and how, with the ongoing care and support from Tzu Chi volunteers, he was able to recuperate and improve his bodily functions.

After listening to the volunteers' heartfelt sharing, many of the residents were deeply inspired and touched. And they expressed their wish to join the Tzu Chi family of Great Love.

Helping needy children with love

On 30th September 2019, Tzu Chi volunteers held a rice distribution in another local primary school.  Most of the students there came from poor families, and many of them were orphans. A lot of these kids came to school with hungry, empty stomachs, and were thus unable to concentrate in class.

On this day, the parents and guardians of the students sang and dance joyfully in the school while the teachers wore Tzu Chi volunteer vests and helped to stack up the sacks of rice. Then, the volunteers distributed the aid materials to every student. As the items were rather heavy, the older students and some volunteers helped the younger students to carry them.

After the young children had received their aid materials, they sat down in neat rows, awaiting their parents to take them home. And the little ones held up the aid items in a show of gratitude for Tzu Chi.

Charity work helps to awaken kindness and compassion in both the givers and receivers. Through helping those in need, the volunteers have spread the spirit of love and inspired more people to join their ranks.

20190930 4.docx
Children of a local primary school holding some aid materials that they had received from Tzu Chi in a show of sincere gratitude.

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