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Delta Electronics Works with Tzu Chi to Donate Laptops to Refugees in Serbia

In September 2019, Serbia was experiencing late-summer heat. Many refugees in the camps there had lost touch with their family and friends; they were homesick and longed to contact their loved ones. But how were they going to have their wish fulfilled?

20190909 Serbia Delta laptops 1A small laptop donation ceremony is held at the Obrenovac refugee camp in Serbia.

Taiwan-based Delta Electronics, Inc. upgraded their office laptops in 2018. The company had originally planned to discard their old laptops, but through the help of Tzu Chi volunteers, they were able to fulfill a wish of the refugees in Serbia (by donating the devices to them).
In January this year, Delta began its first laptop donation, giving a total of 12 second-hand laptops to the Principovac refugee camp, while also training two personnel at the camp to be IT technicians. In March, it donated 15 laptops to the Kikinda and Sombor refugee camps, to allow the children there to learn through Information Technology.

Currently, the enterprise has set up a programme to donate second-land laptops to refugees in Serbia. Whenever the refugees have a need for laptops, it will cooperate with Tzu Chi and donate its used laptops to the refugee camps. This not only serves to extend the life of resources, but also benefit those in need.

In September this year, Delta further donated 30 laptops to the Adasevci and Obrenovac refugee camps. As in previous occasions, the enterprise sent its staff to the site to witness the donation ceremony. Andreas, a senior staff from Delta EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) was present at the Adasevci refugee camp on 8th September to personally give out 14 laptops.

He said, “I will always remember the smiles on the refugees’ faces. This is something that cannot be bought by money.”

The following day, Delta distributed another 16 laptops to the Obrenovac refugee camp.

Refugees happily reconnect with family and friends  

The Adasevci refugee camp has set up a computer room that can accommodate 12 people. The donated laptops enable the refugees to connect with the rest of the world as well as to keep in contact with their families and friends. Christina, a personnel there, said, “We are very grateful for the donated laptops, and we cherish all of them very much.”

Parwiz Sadat, a refugee who has left his home for over five months shared, “I’m contacting my family on Facebook now. I miss my mum and dad very much and really wish to have a good chat with them.”

Another refugee eagerly connected with Cisco Systems, Inc. as he had served in its branch in Iran as an engineer for ten years. He said, “Serbia is a bridge that links me with Europe. I must go to another country in Europe to continue my career in IT, in which I’m well-versed.”

20190909 Serbia Delta laptops 2Through the donated laptops, the refugees can reconnect themselves to the world and keep in touch with their family and friends.

On 9th September, at the donation ceremony in Obrenovac refugee camp, a personnel said, “I want to thank you for your help and for donating the laptops to the refugee camp. Thank you for all that  you have helped us before and now.”

20190909 Serbia Delta laptops 3Tzu Chi volunteer from the UK, Lin Zheng Zhong, who holds an IT job, guiding a refugee how to use a software on a laptop.

As the computer room at the refugee camp was not ready for use yet, the library was used to distribute the laptops. A Tzu Chi volunteer from the UK, Lin Zheng Zhong, who holds an IT job, guided a refugee how to use a software.

There was also a person who tried typing out a Jing Si Aphorism given to him on a laptop, and the saying went: “Those who guide us onto the right path are good teachers, while those who walk on the right path with us are wholesome friends.”

Delta has put one of its technical staff in charge of all the five second-hand laptop donation events. He gathered used laptops from various branch offices and shipped them to Holland to have all their hard disks reformatted before sending the refurbished computers to a Tzu Chi office in Germany.

The company had planned to donate 40 laptops this September, but 12 of the computers were damaged during the transportation process. So the technical staff and his coworkers had to quickly repair the devices, and they managed to complete the task, which required several days, within a day.

A group of four representatives from Delta had personally travelled to Serbia to give out the laptops this time. They shared about their fruitful trip with their colleagues after returning to their office, in the hope that more people would support the good cause and join the ranks of volunteers.

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