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Academic Discourse

After 40 years of hard work, the founder of Tzu Chi, Master Cheng Yen officially announced in 2006, the establishment of the "Tzu Chi Dharma Path", where the teaching is based on the Sutra of Infinite Meanings. The Master once said, “We belong to the Tzu Chi School of Buddhism. Tzu Chi volunteers should cultivate through their interaction with people to cultivate the innumerable dharma ways (cultivation methods).”

Since 2010, the Tzu Chi has held forums every two or three years as a way to introduce the philosophy and humanistic culture of Tzu Chi to the global academic institutions and religious institutions. Different topics were discussed during the academic conference and scholars from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Britain, the United States and other countries were invited to the conference. Click below to discover more about the essence of Tzu Chi.

Featured Speeches

The pivotal role of religions in environmental conservation

“Practice, Not Dogma” --- Tzu Chi and the Buddhist Tradition

Inter-Religious Cooperation

Tzu Chi’s place in the History of Buddhism: Individualism and Altruism

The Globalization of the Dharma Path of Tzu Chi Will Be Driven By Measured Impact and How the Volunteers and Donors Feel

The Importance of Tzu Chi as a Model for Organizational Management and Leadership