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Tzu Chi Held Free Eye Clinic in Bali, Indonesia

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20140113 001

The Indonesian island of Bali is famous around the world as a tourist destination. It offers not only beautiful scenery but a wealth of cultures: in a country that is majority Muslim, most of its people are Hindu. So it attracts thousands of visitors, from home as well as abroad.

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Volunteers Deliver Heaters and Gas Stoves to Syrian Refugees in Jordan

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20140102 001

On three days in December, Tzu Chi volunteers in Jordan delivered relief aid, including space heaters, gas stoves, blankets and milk powder to Syrians who have taken refuge in the neighbouring country. They also held a year-end blessing ceremony for them to raise their spirits during their time of trouble.

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A Mother and Daughter’s Spiritual Path

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SG20131123 GNA GJY 003

Living an ordinary life studded with challenges, Tay Lee Khim may have undergone much trials and tribulations, yet armed with a firm belief in the karmic law of cause and effect, she joyfully accepts what comes her way as she works out her karma. The simple act of reciting the Buddha’s name has helped her in overcoming the problems presented by her painful knees and her daughter’s epileptic condition. Today, Tay wants to re-prioritise her life, and harbours the hope that her daughter can help fulfil a small wish of hers to follow a vegetarian fast.

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Tzu Chi Teenagers Develop Teamwork Over Nature Hike

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Students carefully made their way down from the rock path, while helping out one another and carefully following instructions. (Photo by Leong Li Ling)

On December 28 and 29, 2013, Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore) held a two-day camp for participants of the Tzu Chi teenagers’ class at the conclusion of the year-long course. On the first day of the camp, the teenagers went on a specially arranged a hiking trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where they could bond with each other while they being close to nature.

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First in Zimbabwe

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20131224 001

Zimbabwe has set and broken many records in the last 20 years. Inflation in the nation was once the highest in the world. It was at one time a nation of abundant food, but now it relies on imports of foreign food aid to feed its people. The country boasts the highest literacy rate in Africa, yet it also leads the continent in unemployment.

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Singapore Kicks Off Street Fundraiser for Typhoon Haiyan

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SG20131222 CHA WZZ 010

At the conclusion of the “Dharma as Water” stage adaptation on 15 December 2013, Singapore volunteers tirelessly embarked on yet another undertaking and kicked off the “Typhoon Haiyan Street Fundraiser”as they fanned out across the island to solicit donations from members of the public. Over three days, more than 800 volunteers were out on the streets in shifts, as they worked to raise funds for the rebuilding efforts in the Philippines.

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Concluding“Dharma as Water”With Gratitude

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SG20131215 GNA CZS 011

On 15 December 2013, before the curtain lifted for the last presentation of the “Dharma as Water” stage adaptation, close to 2,000 participants and helpers gathered at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for the sharing and appreciation session. In the midst of the expressions of mutual gratitude, everyone relived their journey over the last six months together as images flashed by on the screen overhead.

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TIMA Enters the Dharma

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SG20121213 GNB XJS 143

A total of 55 Tzu Chi International Medical Association (TIMA) volunteers from Singapore participated in the 2013 “Dharma as Water”stage adaptation as chorus and sign language presenters. Never did they imagine that as professional doctors and nurses, apart from taking care of the operations of the Tzu Chi Free Clinic and organizing community activities, they would get a chance to stand on stage and spread the Dharma teachings.

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