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Da Ai Headlines

2017 Buddha Day Ceremony in Singapore


In Singapore, a 2017 Buddha Day ceremony was hosted by the Tzu Chi Singapore Chapter. The event was attended by many dharma masters and a total of 3,000 residents. Staying in Singapore, Tzu Chi`s Homecare Service Team held a special advanced Buddha Day ceremony for care recipients suffering from mobility issues. They arranged transportation, along with flowers and tea for participants. Despite the difficulty in their lives the event showed these recipients they weren`t alone.

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Reunion feast for a care recipient


As the Lunar New Year is a holiday when family members usually get together. Singapore Tzu Chi volunteers recently headed to care recipient's home to cook vegetarian hot pot for the couple.

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Caring for nursing home seniors


Singapore Tzu Chings have continued to pay monthly visit to a local elderly care center since June, 2016. Over the Lunar New Year holidays, Tzu Chings once again came to the center to provide entertaining performances. They also joined in a birthday celebration sharing warmth and love with the seniors.

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Promoting Ethical Eating Day 111


In Singapore, to assist Tzu Chi volunteer, Teh Soo Peng promoted vegetarian eating to the customers at her restaurant, her 8-year-old daughter, Giselle, also helped by making small cards that teach the benefits of adopting a meatless diet. 

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Welcoming Lunar Year with Joy


In celebration of the upcoming Lunar New Year, the Tzu Chi Singapore Chapter recently hosted an event for 357 Chinese Tzu Chi care recipients. In addition to providing a vegetarian banquet and entertaining performances, volunteers also offered a free clinic and a free haircut, to help give  everyone a healthy and happy new year. Let's learn more about the event.

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5-day camp for kindergarten graduates


The Singapore Da Ai Kindergarten recently hosted a 5-day camp for its graduates. On the fourth day of the camp, all of the children were learning to cook under the guidance of their teachers. From the food preparation to cooking, all the tasks were completed by the children. The children were not only able to gain new experience, but also learn to become more independent. 

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Red envelopes of blessings and wisdom


In preparation for an upcoming year-end blessing ceremony, Tzu Chi volunteers in Singapore have begun making red envelopes of blessings and wisdom. To celebrate Tzu Chi's 50th anniversary, the red envelopes have been designed with a special meaning.

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Improving children's attitudes


The Tzu Chi parent-child class in Singapore holds class once a month teaching children how to treat others with respect and also how to nurture a good character. On the last day of class for 2016, the students wanted to show appreciation to their teachers.

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Continuous help for AIDS patients


We begin the second portion of our program with a congratulation to the Tzu Chi Singapore Chapter for receiving the Red Ribbon Award from the board of the 10th AIDS Conference, for its years of assistance to AIDS patients since 1998.

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Free dental clinic in Singapore


Also caring for those in need, TIMA Singapore chapter helped 19 mentally challenged individuals associated with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled participated in a free dental clinic. A number of warm-up activities were held, lasting for four hours, leading some of the volunteers to work up a sweat. The recent event celebrates more than 10 years of cooperation.

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