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Blessing Reception for Flood Anniversary at Kota Tinggi, Malaysia

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It is a blessing that a year after the great flood, Kota Tinggi has been disaster-free. Tzu Chi Kota Tinggi organized a Blessing Reception for the public to pray sincerely for a better tomorrow and gather strength to prevent disaster.

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Still Thought Cultural Book Fair cum “Rhythms 100” Photo Exhibition

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Before the return of its old branch location to its owner by the end of year 2007, Tzu Chi Singapore branch hosted a Still Thought Cultural Book Fair cum “Rhythms 100” Photo Exhibition at this location to bid its final farewell.

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Relief Distribution to Flood Victims in Pahang, Malaysia

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Sungai Jerik in the Maran District of Pahang State experienced the worst flooding in 36 years. Homes were damaged, and water and electricity supply cut off. 56 volunteers from Tzu Chi Kuala Lumpur, Karak, Telemong, Kuantan, Benta and Raub, brought a truck-load of essentials for distribution to the flood victims.

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Extending a Helping Hand to a Sick and Helpless Canine

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All lives are equal, even that of a dog’s. “This dog was just like a daughter to the owner. When Brother David Liu made a trip personally to access the situation, he felt that we should treat the dog as part of the family like it already is. Hence, if the owners are unable to bring it to the vet due to financial reasons, we have every obligation to do so.” – Tzu Chi’s Southeast Home Visit Volunteer Goh Eng Eng

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The World in a Grain of Rice – Pasting Rice Ears on YEB Red Packet

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Starting from 17 November, 2007 at the 3rd level Dharma Hall of Tzu Chi Singapore Branch, there were many rows of tables and chairs neatly arranged for the volunteers to participate in the pasting of rice ears onto the Year End Blessing Red Packets. All volunteers put in their most earnest and utmost efforts to work towards the goal of getting ready 10,000 red packets. These red packets carrying Master Cheng Yen’s blessings will be given out during the forthcoming Year End Blessings Ceremony to be held on 29 and 30 December 2007 to each and every Tzu Chi members and volunteers of Singapore.

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2007 2nd Entrepreneurs Camp at Hualien, Taiwan

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A total of 151 entrepreneurs from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and Australia visited Tzu Chi Taiwan for the Entrepreneurs' Camp. These entrepreneurs took time off from their hectic business schedules to embark on this spiritual trip.

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Commencement of Jurong Medical Centre as 9th Recycling Point

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On 11th November 2007, Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore Branch) South West Zone established its 3rd recycling point at Jurong Medical Centre, which is also the Foundation’s 9th community recycling point in Singapore. This new recycling point is of great significance, as it marks the first collaboration between Tzu Chi Singapore Branch and Jurong Medical Centre, to put into actions its Mission of Environmental Protection at a medical institution in the community. On this date, 29 Tzu Chi community volunteers and more than 30 residents participated in this meaningful environmental protection initiative.

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Educational Talk on Bone Marrow Donation

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Bone marrow donation can save life without bringing harm to the donor. However, in traditional Chinese way of thinking, bone marrow donation is a very dangerous activity which ought to be totally avoided whenever possible. To address such concerns and dispel any fears associated with bone marrow donation operation, Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore Branch) invited Dr Michelle Poon Li Mei, who is the Registrar from NUH, Haematology Department to conduct a talk on bone marrow donation on 3rd November 2007. A total of more than 60 attendees turned up for this educational event held at Jing Si Hall of Tzu Chi Foundation (Singapore Branch).

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