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Blood Donation Drive Helped Raise Awareness for Foundation

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On 18 Dec, a group of national servicemen attracted the gaze of many when they entered the blood donation area in Jing Si Hall. Under the encouragement of their officer-in-charge, they came together to donate blood and it was their first time donating blood for some of them. Overall, the donation drive collected 136 pints of blood and the addition of 13 new donation members.

Mr. Guo met the Tzu Chi guides at the MRT station and agreed to donate blood, and also asked some of his subordinates along. (Photo: Law Sook Fong)

Under the encouragement of the volunteers, the national serviceman donated blood for the first time (Photo: Law Sook Fong)
The quarterly blood donation drives are frequently supported by donors of different races. (Photo: Chong Ai Chung)

On 18 Dec morning, several Tzu Chi volunteers gathered at the Jing Si Hall, with some of them arriving at around 8am to prepare for the blood donation drive. Under the guidance of their team leaders, they prepared the registration corner, waiting area, refreshment corner, and blood donation area, in anticipation of the crowd to come.

Lin Yue-hung, a regular blood donor, was the first to arrive at the start of the donation drive at around 11am.

A Taiwanese who has been residing in Singapore for more than a decade, Mr Lin started donating to the local branch of Tzu Chi after being influenced by his parents, who are both Tzu Chi volunteers in Taiwan and have also brought his parents to Jing Si Hall when they visited Singapore two years ago. Upon knowing of this blood donation drive, he came down early from his residence in Serangoon to show his support and this was his eighth time donating blood.

Another regular blood donor, Jiang De Zhi, has been an active blood donor since 2008. A devout Buddhist who believes in the humanistic Buddhism teachings of Venerable Yin Shun, who was also Master Cheng Yen's mentor, he became a blood donor during a visit to Jing Si hall as a representative of Mahaprajna Buddhist Society whilst a blood donation drive was held on the same day.

In order to donate blood successfully, Mr Jiang would monitor his health and diet more attentively one to two weeks before the donation drives. Such devotion to the cause is really admirable.

For the past few years, Mr Jiang has also been actively contacting Tzu Chi for updates on these blood donation drives as to him, these opportunities to do charity are not just coincidences but the fruit of continuous labour.

Other than his career and family, Mr Jiang is also passionate about Buddhism and is deeply touched by the sayings of the huge couplets hanging in the lobby hall as he feels that when one is doing charity work, one should be active and hardworking like the farmers so as to build positive karma.

At 2 pm, the crowd was stirred when a group of six national servicemen came to donate blood. Second Lieutenant (2LT) Matthias, who met the Tzu Chi blood donation guides at Pasir Ris MRT station, felt compelled to do good and agreed to donate blood and also asked some of his subordinates to come along. Although some of them had never donated blood, their group cohesiveness and determination to do charity led them to give it a try.

Videos of Tzu Chi were also shown in the donation venue so that the crowd can understand more about Tzu Chi. This prompted several to join as members, with Mr Ren Xu Long from China being one of them.

Mr Ren first heard of Tzu Chi from his previous landlord, a Tzu Chi volunteer, who used to share news of Tzu Chi with him. Mr Ren, who aspired to do charity work, decided to donate his blood despite his fear of needles. To him, he felt that philanthropy is the duty of everyone, especially after seeing how the life of others can be improved with small contributions - compared to the fleeting joys gained from worldly desires, the divine dharma bliss gained from philanthropy last much longer.

The donation drive ended in the evening at 5pm with the help of 115 volunteers and attracted 178 people to come forth for blood donation. Overall, 136 pints of blood were successfully collected and 13 new donating members were recruited.

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