Monday, Nov 20th

How to Help Be the Earth's Gardener


Environmental Protection Begins with Caring for Mother Earth

It takes one 20-year-old tree to produce only 50kg of paper. From 1999 to Oct 2012, Tzu Chi’s recycling volunteers have collected 3,730,476kg of paper for recycling, which is equivalent to saving 74,610  20-year-old trees


Join us as a recycling volunteer!

You are welcome to participate in the monthly Tzu Chi Recycling Day activity at any of our community recycling points every second Sunday of the month, from 9am to 12pm.

We believe that our monthly community recycling efforts will help make a difference in conserving and protecting our planet.

Together, we can create a healthier Earth and leave a clean planet for our future generations.




For queries and/or more information, please call 65829958.


Islandwide Recycling Points (map)

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